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Drain Cleaning & Repair in Edmonton, AB

Looking for great quality plumbing services? Look no further! We are 2 Ply Plumbing. We offer plumbing and related services for Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and the surrounding areas. We bring great quality of craftsmanship and service that you can rely on for many years to come. At 2 Ply Plumbing, we understand that the thought of dealing with plumbing problems can be quite troublesome for homeowners. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and deliver excellent results on every job. We are committed to ensuring that the plumbing problems are dealt with quickly, effectively and are long-lasting.

Drain Cleaning

Drains are a part of the wastewater system which is inside your house. These drains originate from the kitchen sink, the wash basin, shower, the toilets, etc. they go down the P-Trap and eventually into the sewer line.

A drain can be clogged with the things that are disposed of down the sink or basin or toilet. These blockages also happen over a period of time when grease, dirt, waste, the residue of toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, and other cosmetic products and debris get collected and gradually block the flow of water. These blockages are unsanitary and cause inconvenience. And if ignored, these blockages can lead to a sewer back-up which you may find disgusting. Besides, since sewer back-up contains material from showers, sinks, and toilets, it can cause property damage.

A clogged drain (in its early stages) can usually be fixed with a plunger. On various platforms, there are many DIY remedies available on how to unclog a blocked drain using items in your home. We strongly advise against using chemicals to clean the drain as they will not only corrode the pipelines but can also be bad for the environment. If you find yourself unable to deal with the clogged drain, 2 Ply Plumbing is only a call away. We use drain cleaning tools and machines that will provide you a long-term solution.

Clogged Lines

If the building structure is old and has been fitted with metal pipes, chances are that the lines have now become rusty or may have succumbed to corrosion over the years. Clogged lines may begin as a minor issue but can escalate into a major problem within no time. Clogged lines lead to slow drainage of water.

In case you experience clogged lines frequently, or if you notice that all or many drains in your house have been clogging simultaneously, chances are that the blockage is in the main sewer line. Also, if the pipes are rusty, they will eventually rupture.

Usually when you clear the pipes of blockage, normally the water drainage is restored. Certain times, the blockage in the clogged lines is so severe, that the pipes need to be replaced. 2 Ply Plumbing will help you gauge what exactly the problem is.

A great DIY idea is to install a drain catch. A drain catch has a fine strainer which prevents physical debris such as hair, skin flakes, scum, etc. from entering the main strainer of the drain, thus helping you prevent clogged lines.

Drain Repair

There are multiple plumbing issues that call for immediate attention. One of the top rankers in this list is the need for a drain repair. The drain features a P-trap, which is filled with water. This water prevents the gasses present in the sewer from rising in the house.

If a drain has not been used in a long while, the water contained in the P-trap will gradually evaporate and the sewer smell will fill up the living space giving off an unpleasant odor. Sometimes running enough water to fill the P-trap does the trick. Alternatively, you can try some DIY remedies. If the drain still needs fixing, then 2 Ply Plumbing is happy to help you.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning is an important aspect of the plumbing as well as the waste disposal system of your home. A sewer line takes the waste water from drains and sends it out of your house into a common sewer that is treated by the local municipal body/city. The main sewer line is located underneath the ground below your house.

There are several reasons why you may require cleaning or a repair service for the sewer line. With the passage of time, mineral deposits and other debris contained in the water can easily get accumulated on the pipe walls and the sewer main line walls. If enough sediment has built-up on the walls of the sewer line, it may lead to blockage in the water flow. If the blockage is severe, then pressure can build inside the pipe causing a rupture.

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