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Appliance & Fixture Installations in Edmonton, AB

With usage, appliances and fixtures tend to lose their optimum performance. At times, they are so beat up that it makes no sense trying to fix them. Replacing them will not only give you peace of mind but also help you save money in the long run. However, sometimes these appliances only need a little bit of tweaking to get back in shape. At 2 Ply Plumbing, we undertake repair jobs as well for various appliances that require our plumbing expertise.

Hot Water Tank

Hot water tanks can face many performance challenges. Water can get too hot, or take too long to get hot, or may not get hot at all. This can be due to the thermostat being set to too low or too high – and can be easily fixed by you. Sometimes, these issues can get a little more complicated for a DIY fix and may require intervention from professionals.

At certain times, the water is rusty and smells unusual. This can be caused due to the high concentration of minerals and/or sulfates in the tank. This calls for a repair or replacement of the anode rod inside the water heaters tank.

Hot water tanks are highly susceptible to be eaten away by corrosion from within. This causes leakages which can be damaging to your property. 2 Ply Plumbing is proficient in tackling issues with a hot water tank.


One of the common reasons a dishwasher does not drain completely is due to a clog in the drain. One of the simplest ways to identify this is to observe the dishwasher and the sink when the machine is draining. If water begins to bubble its way in the sink, then there is a clog in the drain pipe. Besides a clog in the drain, there can possibly be an issue with the drain valve or motor as well.

Ice Makers

If the ice maker is not producing any ice or producing cubes or crescents which are smaller in size than usual, then it is an indication of a clog somewhere in the supply line. It is also possible that water filter could be clogged.

These clogs can make the ice maker potentially defunct. 2 Ply Plumbing is equipped to help you sort the troubles with the ice maker.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are designed to protect the basement from damage caused due to flooding. Its primary function is to remove the build-up of excess water that is gathered from the waterproofing system in the basement and redirecting this accumulated water to a storm drain.

Sump pumps run on electricity. A power outage can cause the sump pump to fail which in turn can lead to the sub-surface water entering the basement. It is necessary to keep battery powered back-ups ready in case of a power outage.

Sump pumps offer optimal performance for a couple of years. In order to get the most out of the lifespan of the sump pump, it is imperative to carry out regular maintenance. 2 Ply Plumbing are only a call away to look into this for you.


A Garburator is an electrically powered garbage disposal. The unit is installed under the kitchen sink. It is fixed between the drain of the sink and trap. To ease passing through the pipes, the garburator helps shred food waste to small pieces that are usually smaller than 2 mm.

This unit is likely to get damaged due to the lack of running water while grinding, the unit may have bent, the flywheel can be broken or the unit can be old and worn out and needs replacement.

Water Softeners

Hard water has a high level of minerals – particularly calcium and magnesium. A higher concentration of these minerals can lead to a mineral build-up in the water heater and pipes, damage fixtures and appliances, make clothes appear dull and stained, give trouble when working up a lather, make your skin feel itchy and dry, etc.

2 Ply Plumbing can help you connect a water softener to the water supply line. Water softeners exchange ions converting calcium, magnesium and other minerals to potassium and sodium.

Laundry Tubs

Laundry tub (commonly known as a utility sink) is a great addition to the laundry area. They are very convenient to pre-wash stubborn stains off of clothes.

Some plumbing issues you are likely to face with a laundry tub are drain clogs or leaks. Leaks can be caused to faulty installation or some parts getting loosened over time. If you experience any problems with plumbing laundry tub, 2 Ply Plumbing is happy to assist you.

Washing Machine

Washing machines malfunction due to a problem with the appliance, or an electrical issue or a plumbing issue. In case the washing machine isn’t draining properly, it is a plumbing issue.

The drain hose on the washing machine carries the water to the drain pipe. This water from the drain pipe is further carried to the sewer or the septic system. Chances are that the drain hose has a clog. 2 Ply Plumbing can handle this efficiently.

Along with repairing your existing appliances, we also set up new appliances for you.

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